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PEX Mini Ball Valve

Code: V22-432
PEX Tee Stop Valve (PEX * PEX * OD Comp.)

Size: 1/2"Pex x 1/2"Pex x 1/4"OD.   1/2"Pex x 1/2"Pex x 3/8"OD.  1/2"Pex x 1/2"Pex x 5/8"OD. 

• Pex Quarter Turn Mini Ball Valve.
• For use with PEX pipe.
• Quick, easy no mess connections.
• INo flames, glues, fluxes, or solvents needed.
• Safe reliable connections.


PEX Stop Valves are used for point-of-use-shut-off at the fixture. This PEX valve may be used with the stainless steel clamping system or the copper crimp ring system.

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